wish i was here

March 11, 2014


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pick of the week

February 17, 2014

majorly crushing on these Tony Paul sling chairs from the Jason Koharik vintage collection:



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a final note for 2013

December 31, 2013

with the season for all kinds of “best of” lists upon us, i was inspired to make a playlist of my own, something that would capture a year of musical antidotes and lyrical obsessions. this isn’t a list of the latest and greatest (i’ll leave that to the folks who actually keep up with the joneses). it’s more a collection of tunes that rode shotgun with me this year and made more than a few revolutions through my car speakers. and now, as we bid 2013 adieu, i pay them forward to you. may they help end your year on an excellent note.

much love and best wishes,



December 4, 2013

sourcing inspiration online today started all kinds of design crushes:






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feeling inspired

November 22, 2013

ms. kelly certainly put the amazing into her own graceful style:


Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 10.48.02 AM


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persian feast: an album

September 30, 2013








happy friday

August 2, 2013

let’s get blurry!

blessing #33: freedom

July 31, 2013

i am free to choose my own world view and speak my own mind; to share those thoughts and views in a public forum like this one; to live where and how i choose, and associate with whomever i please; to educate myself and seek out new experience; to change my mind; to pursue my dreams; to honor myself as an individual; to marry who my heart chooses; to have a big family, or no family at all; to move about my daily existence without fear or imminent danger; to wear what i want, work where i want, read what i want and listen to what i want; and, if the mood strikes me, to celebrate the 4th of july in an american flag bikini.


{photo credit: miss jenika kurtz}

blessing #32: nature

July 30, 2013

i am in constant awe of its colors, textures, lines, forms, smells, sounds, patterns, rhythms, glory and all around magic.


blessing #31: jenika

July 29, 2013

jenika has a lot of love to give. she gives of it freely, and generously. to know her is to know her boundless enthusiasm and unflagging support. our own connection blossomed from work acquaintances to weekend confidantes over the course of a year, fueled by a shared keenness for photography, 80′s music and dirty dancing quotes. i was drawn to her directness, and humor, and her dualistic nature; she has the sophistication of an urbanite, but the heart of a country girl. she’s opened her heart, her home and her family to me, and shared with me the people and places that make her soul sing. she reminds me of the importance of celebrating the positivity in our lives, and of paying that forward by celebrating others. i always feel lucky to be considered one of her peeps, and she one of mine.



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