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tunes of 2017

December 31, 2017

okay babies, here it is: my annual playlist for 2017, primed, primped and ready for the play button. each of these ditties certainly helped carry me through this motherfucker of a year. may they also make you want to smile, or breathe, or just keep dancing in spite of it all.



happy 2018, all! let’s own the shit out of the next 365.


i die

May 25, 2017


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two days late, no bucks short

January 2, 2017

i made a point to shake 2016 off a full seven hours before the stroke of midnight with some deep meditation and a healthy dose of ugly crying. but i held tight to the tunes that carried me through the year, and two days into 2017, they still have me reaching for the volume dial. no baggage here, just feel good jams best served loud and spread round.



welcome me to the future, y’all. let’s make it bright.

xo lex

p.s. notably missing rom the above: “Freedom” from Beyonce’s Lemonade (damn Spotify library)

the broad: a color story

December 28, 2016














pictured: (1) jeff koons; (2) takashi murakami; (3) jean-michel basquiat; (4) roy lichtenstein; (5-6) cy twombley

bedtime reading

August 25, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.08.32 AM

the right note

January 14, 2015

a new red Moleskine planner and the latest issue of French Vogue are helping me set the tone for this year.
















i like where this is headed.

notes on a dry spell

January 11, 2012

it’s been nearly a month since my last post. which is due, in no small part, to the collective mania we fondly refer to in N. America as “the holidays.”

but to point a finger at the whirlwind of gingerbread lattes and carol refrains that left me dazed amidst scatterings of discarded wrapping paper and pine tree needles, trying desperately to catch up to the words “new year,” is to single out a half truth. i suspect that my radio silence has less to do with seasonal madness than it does with perennial over-achieving. or over-committing. or any other over estimation of how much time and energy I conceivably have to offer the world (and its increasingly demanding doppelganger, the cyber world).

in short, life is crazy. to qualify that comment with “these days” suggests an eventual return to some semblance of sanity. or at least a potential visit by its distant cousins, balance and peace. and if there’s anything i can be sure of these days, it’s that that particular eventuality is not in my immediate future.

this reality has lead me to a chain of frenetically interlocking questions about life that I won’t bother hanging around your neck right now. but if i wanted to boil it all down (and i do), the base element in question is value. and where value is in jeopardy, so, too, is inspiration. more and more i question the value of spreading ourselves so thin, of plugging in to so many worlds and concurrent brain waves, of striving to be someone to everyone. i struggle with how, in this age of gluttonous access, i seem to be so bereft of exalted thoughts and moments, however small. it makes me wonder if we are really built to give so much of ourselves away. or take so much that is not ourselves in.

the irony of sharing this via a blog post is not lost on me. but i thought that by articulating these thoughts, i might kick start a metaphorical labor of sorts. purge the inspirational doldrums and find my way back to hearting on the world around me again.

it’s a little too early to tell, but i think we may have made just enough progress for me to believe that this is true:

don’t worry, all you old farts out there. we have room for your dreaming, too.

happy friday

November 18, 2011

the future is bright (and responsibly caffeinated)

September 21, 2011

what’s my favorite thing about the new espresso truck i found tucked in an elbow of west silver lake drive on my way to the dog park the other day?

well, for starters, it’s solar and biodiesel powered. they take debit and credit cards (a key ingredient for any business that wants regular visits from my non-cash-carrying self), have free wi-fi (!), and, yes, that is an Intelligentsia coffee sign you see hanging off the awning. which means more yummy coffee (organic, of course) without the interminable wait in hipster-ville.

all of that modern magic aside, i think the best part about Besspresso is that our earnest young barista and her musician boyfriend drove their green truck of hope all the way out here from Iowa. fueled by sunshine and butterflies, no doubt.

seating, in technicolor

September 15, 2011