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i die

May 25, 2017


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pick of the week

February 24, 2015

one word: lampshade.

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inviting moments

February 12, 2015



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pick of the week

February 17, 2014

majorly crushing on these Tony Paul sling chairs from the Jason Koharik vintage collection:



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December 4, 2013

sourcing inspiration online today started all kinds of design crushes:






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NK Shop

February 11, 2013

when it comes to me and the list of all that is covetable from Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe’s eponymous shop, the list is always winning. here’s a few more to swell the opposing ranks: hand thrown and kiln fired stoneware painted through fabrics with porcelain glaze.



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pick of the week

December 7, 2012

architect/designer Morie Nishimura’s Hinged Brass Mirrors :



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Ennis House: an album

October 29, 2012

ice, ice, baby

September 19, 2012

predictable as it may be for a lady, i like big sparkly things. i think they’re pretty. and what better than a big chunk of glitter that lights up on its own?

this halogen diamond light from swedish designer Eric Therner could be a fun bit of bling for my otherwise lackluster (and perpetually disorganized) closet, or, together with some of its friends, add some pirate-y panache to the living room as a cluster of lights on the floor.

decorative throwback

August 28, 2012

can’t stop staring at these whimsical woven hemp designs from aussie rug company Armadillo & Co. aptly named “marigold” and “dandelion,” they bring back fond memories of the few macrame relics that managed to survive the various parental purges of the 70’s and make their way into the domestic backdrop of my 80’s childhood. even to a seven-year-old, they carried the earthy tinge of nostalgia, hinting at a world where tube socks, wide lapels and vibrantly-hued cameros lived together in perfect harmony. (sigh)