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Scott Albrecht

August 25, 2010

it’s hard to resist the surprise appeal of a good sticker art project, and Scott Albrecht’s mix-tape series has a special kind of nostalgic charm (it also parlayed into a global collective art project):

i also love how simple lines and sentiments become captivating graphic abstractions in his hand-drawn pieces:

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words to live by

August 4, 2010

get your daily dose of lyrical wisdom via Music Philosophy, a weekly graphic tribute to some of music’s hallmark one-liners. the idea is definitely fun, although there’s just no excuse for attributing the lyrics for “Hurt” to Johnny Cash (even if it is one of the best covers in the history of awesome covers).

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the meat of the issue

April 24, 2010

though i’ve been known to declare steak frites to be the perfect meal, i’m not exactly a fan of meat in its raw form. bit of a buzz kill, if you know what i mean. so i was pleasantly surprised by the compelling nature of this Australian food industry publication. art directed by Mash Design, the vintage textbook feel of the issue transforms even the sinewy realities of butchering into quirky graphic abstractions.

a browse through their online portfolio revealed that Mash is also behind some truly awesome wine packaging, including quite a few of my cheeky faves:

steak and wine – now that’s a note to end the week on! happy friday!

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not totally “spot” on…

April 12, 2010

…but charming, nonetheless:

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Nikki Farquharson

March 9, 2010

sometimes you come across something that makes you feel like an uninspired, talentless hack. that would explain my recent discovery of London-based graphic designer and illustrator Nikki Farquharson, and her rock em’, sock em’ sythesis of color, graphics and femme fatal female sexuality. 

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brown parcel press

October 30, 2009

another adorable website from yet another talented letterpress company. based out of brooklyn, NY, the brown parcel press folks also maintain an online store and a fantastic blog. check, check, check ’em out.

brown parcel press

Fraktur Mon Amour

October 6, 2009

i have been dreaming about this book for months. since i first laid incredulous eyes and hands on it at Ivanhoe Books in february. you could safely say that i am in awe of it, especially now that i finally own it.




Berlin-based designer Judith Schalansky presents 300 incarnations and derivations of the classic Black Letter type (right facing pages), paired with inspired graphic portraits composed of characters from each alphabet (left facing pages). the result is a psychodelic riot of typographical possibility, due in no small part to the hot pink, black and white palate. this is the only bible that i’ll ever need.

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spotlight on Abbot-Kinney: The Poster List

September 30, 2009

technically The Poster List doesn’t hail direct from Abbot-Kinney. but as i did spot their booth at the A-K Festival, i figure it’s ballpark enough to be a part of this week’s spotlight. i’m pretty sure i’ve spotted Adam’s work online before, but sunday was the first time i’ve seen it in person and in such plenitude.  i pretty much dig every other poster on his website, but i decided to exercise considerable restraint and tease you with just these few:

the poster list

{all images via clockwise from top left: “38 Special”; “Camera Rainbow”; “The City”; “Sunset Pacific”; “Primary Projector”; “Courage My Love”}

spotlight on Abbot-Kinney: Urbanic

September 29, 2009

paper and notebook nerds, beware! for my second installment on Abbot-Kinney I bring you Urbanic, a paper boutique.


this inviting storefront specializes in custom invitations and other unique paper products guaranteed to rationalize their way into your budget. the love child of husband and wife proprietors Audrey and Joshua Woollen, Urbanic was born of a mutual appreciation of craft and composition. the shop also pays tribute to the harmony that can exist between the forces of nature and modernity. 

a quote from the website explains: “We’re equally inspired by the complex, organic beauty of nature as well as the modern, sophisticated style of urban living. We came up with the term Urbanic to encompass both.”

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totally judging a book by its cover

September 24, 2009

i know we’re not supposed to, but i can’t help it. i haven’t even heard of half of the titles below, but i want to read every one of them just so i can be a little bit closer to their loveliness. the design should be a complement to the words, no doubt, but designer Gabriele Wilson threatens to take the staring role with these boldly simple cover designs:

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see more of ms. wilson’s and other talented design work at the book cover archive.

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