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move over spring

April 28, 2012

this girl is ready for summer:

not bad for a single trip to World Market


please tell me

January 16, 2012

where and when can i use this ridiculously awesome light?!?


design crush: Itay Ohaly and Monika Chiang

January 16, 2012

on the list!

Itay Ohaly’s acrylic Color Rings

Monika Chiang’s Athena Gold Cuff Platform Sandal

all class

May 29, 2011

because if you’re going to graffiti a cactus, this is definitely what you want to write.

{via Elysian Park, Los Angeles, CA}

i love this idea

May 25, 2011

i think about this all the time: your house is burning down; what/who do you save?

The Burning House poses this question to peeps of all ages, tastes and geographical locales.

above: Luca, age 33; Brody, age 6; Laura, age 24; Stephanie, age 50


another homerun

March 22, 2011

Heath Ceramics does it again with yet another killer spring product launch: 3-dimensional house numbers honoring the Neutra and Eames number fonts.

my crush on this company is ridiculous.

{images: thank you remodelista}

Casa Midy

February 18, 2011

fridays are perfect for revisiting old crushes. today i’m dwelling on my first true furniture love: Casa Midy. i fell for their stripped down yet carefully considered designs the minute I laid eyes on the Opera side chair. it didn’t take long for first flutterings to evolve into full fledged adoration.

what captures me most about these pieces is their binary nature, the sense of play harnessed by the sober touch of true craftsmanship. they are suggestive and serious, sexy and reserved all at once. kudos to (adorable)  husband and wife design team Jorge Almada and Anne-Marie Midy for bringing their vision to life with such clarity and commitment.

{images via}

Jacques Adnet

February 15, 2011

in the wake of our national (global?) day of love, i present my newest infatuation: Jacques Adnet. it all started four days ago with the discovery of this heartbreakingly beautiful magazine stand at a local antique shop.

we won’t talk about the price tag, but let’s just say it was a lesson in unrequited – or at least unattainable – love. which was all the more bittersweet seeing as how i’d just found my furniture soul mate.

i tried sourcing some other pieces of his online, but nothing stopped me in my tracks in that same  hand-over-the-heart, sharp-intake-of-breath kind of way. somewhere, in the living room of my dreams, this perfectly worn magazine rack is sitting beside the perfect reading armchair. and i am snuggled in their company, the cup of coffee in my hand the only thing binding me to the world outside the pages in my lap.