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tunes of 2017

December 31, 2017

okay babies, here it is: my annual playlist for 2017, primed, primped and ready for the play button. each of these ditties certainly helped carry me through this motherfucker of a year. may they also make you want to smile, or breathe, or just keep dancing in spite of it all.



happy 2018, all! let’s own the shit out of the next 365.


two days late, no bucks short

January 2, 2017

i made a point to shake 2016 off a full seven hours before the stroke of midnight with some deep meditation and a healthy dose of ugly crying. but i held tight to the tunes that carried me through the year, and two days into 2017, they still have me reaching for the volume dial. no baggage here, just feel good jams best served loud and spread round.



welcome me to the future, y’all. let’s make it bright.

xo lex

p.s. notably missing rom the above: “Freedom” from Beyonce’s Lemonade (damn Spotify library)


September 1, 2015

with this song. this video. this girl.

a final note for 2013

December 31, 2013

with the season for all kinds of “best of” lists upon us, i was inspired to make a playlist of my own, something that would capture a year of musical antidotes and lyrical obsessions. this isn’t a list of the latest and greatest (i’ll leave that to the folks who actually keep up with the joneses). it’s more a collection of tunes that rode shotgun with me this year and made more than a few revolutions through my car speakers. and now, as we bid 2013 adieu, i pay them forward to you. may they help end your year on an excellent note.

much love and best wishes,


blessing #17: music

July 17, 2013

how many times has it saved me?


can’t stop singing

July 25, 2012

happy friday (night)

May 4, 2012

this should get you started, ladies (and certain gentlemen).

p.s. play loud.

dang, girl, dang

March 12, 2012

i am kind of obsessed with this Katy Perry photo spread for Interview.  her updated look is one part Dita, one part Sophia, and all parts stunning. you won’t catch me rocking to her albums any time soon, but i’d rock that eyeliner and hair in a jiffy. now if only my fairy godstylist would appear…

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go team Canada

January 24, 2012

my man and i have been fans of Canadian troubadour Luke Doucet for awhile now. turns out mr. Doucet has a lady love, ms. Melissa McClelland. and she can sing, too. yes, she sure can.

they’ve put their vocal and guitar-playing skills together to make one sweet little album under the name Whitehorse. a whopping eight bucks will get it for you on itunes, and if you have anything resembling a cowboy or a songbird in ya, i highly recommend you make that move.

the eight duet-driven tracks have just the right balance of country grit and bluegrass bittersweetness to keep your feet thumping and your heart yearning. in my opinion, they more than give She & Him a run for their money. and as an added bonus, keep your ears out for a noteworthy Bruce Springsteen cover near the end of the record.

while you and your pocketbook are mulling that over, check out this acoustic performance of their single, “Emerald Isle,” courtesy of CBC Radio 2:

good one, Nic Harcourt

January 19, 2012

the man knows how to pick ’em: