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February 10, 2015




December 4, 2013

sourcing inspiration online today started all kinds of design crushes:






{images via: 0102030405}

singleton house: an album

November 20, 2012

Ennis House: an album

October 29, 2012

getty villa: an album

July 18, 2012

high art

July 2, 2012

i spent a perfect afternoon with my cousin this past saturday finally taking in the Herb Ritz exhibit at The Getty. Ritz’s delicious studies of the human form were made even tastier by the context of 90’s era fashion photography framing them (masculine lines, rock-hard bodies and pouty lips prevail). they were also an awe-inducing testament to the unparalleled richness of film photography and dark room wizardry.

it had been years since i’d been to The Getty, and i was eager to engage again with Richard Meier’s (controversial) masterpiece. we wandered at length, the experience proving just as rewarding as Ritz’s photographs. i was particularly taken with the shadows that emerge where the sun and Meier’s architecture meet, and with the interplay between the museum’s austere modernism and Robert Irwin’s fantastical sunken garden.

fine lines

July 2, 2012

one of the best architectural shots to come my way of late:


castle living c. 2012

February 26, 2012

if my prince charming rescued me back here, i wouldn’t say no.

spanish architect Ricardo Bofill has transformed this once-upon-a-time Barcelona cement factory into a palatial testament to the strength and grace of modern style. i am transfixed by Bofill’s handling of the space, how he plays with, dramatizes, yet ultimately balances the tension between the building’s raw, industrialized bones and a scale that inherently echoes with grandeur. the result is completely and utterly seductive.

browsing these images, i don’t know whether i expect to see Saarinen, Mies, the Tudors, or the lot of them lounging amongst the scenery. i am certain, however, that all of them would be quite at home in this starkly sexy space.



December 1, 2010

a lot of folks seem to be “over” the whole grey and yellow combination, but i have to say, i still have love for it. the contrast feels tailored and well balanced, especially on a bold scale. take the design of NYC’s East Village restaurant Vandaag. the deep charcoal and pungent yellow scheme evokes a playful, clean and warm spirit with just the right touch of masculinity. the space feels classic and current all at once.

trendy, timely, or whatever your verdict, i wouldn’t say no to passing my day on one of those barstools.

{images via remodelista}


September 7, 2010

from the website:

“Cloudscapes” by German climate engineering firm Transsolar and Japanese firm Tetsuo Kondo Architects explores the poetic nature of clouds with their installation at the 12th International Architecture Binnale in Venice, Italy this year. By controlling the microclimate of the space in the Arsenale building, a layer of artificial clouds are made to hover above the ground level, remaining in balance above the heads of the viewers.”

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