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friday vibes

January 29, 2016




the right note

January 14, 2015

a new red Moleskine planner and the latest issue of French Vogue are helping me set the tone for this year.
















i like where this is headed.

feeling inspired

November 22, 2013

ms. kelly certainly put the amazing into her own graceful style:


Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 10.48.02 AM


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$20 in my pocket

May 21, 2013

okay, so it was more like $50. but when that fiddy scores you a Club Monaco snap button chambray shirt, a pair of mint-condition BCBG heels, a super graphic woven clutch, and a kick-ass pair of red cowboy boots, you’re still slaying yourself some bargains in my book.


Margaret De Patta

January 11, 2013

when it comes to jewelry, i do love a big ring. i’ve been on the prowl of late, but haven’t come across anything quite as exquisitely modern and sumptuous as these vintage beauties from Margaret de Patta:




now if only i could find that extra $9,000 i left laying around the house last week…

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high art

July 2, 2012

i spent a perfect afternoon with my cousin this past saturday finally taking in the Herb Ritz exhibit at The Getty. Ritz’s delicious studies of the human form were made even tastier by the context of 90’s era fashion photography framing them (masculine lines, rock-hard bodies and pouty lips prevail). they were also an awe-inducing testament to the unparalleled richness of film photography and dark room wizardry.

it had been years since i’d been to The Getty, and i was eager to engage again with Richard Meier’s (controversial) masterpiece. we wandered at length, the experience proving just as rewarding as Ritz’s photographs. i was particularly taken with the shadows that emerge where the sun and Meier’s architecture meet, and with the interplay between the museum’s austere modernism and Robert Irwin’s fantastical sunken garden.

if i were a rich girl

June 3, 2012

i would have gone home with both of these:

Leifsdottir Python Boras Bag via Anthropologie

Loretta Metzger oil painting via Eric Berg’s Early California Antiques

pin it up (analog styles)

April 7, 2012

is it just me, or is the J. Crew catalog hitting it out of the park these days? can’t get enough of these tomboyish ensembles from the past two issues:

outfit crush

March 6, 2012

i have a mondo crush on this outfit i spied in (and promptly stole from) the february 2012 issue of Instyle:

i can’t stop staring at that scarf!

i said goddamn… goddamn… goddamn

February 26, 2012

the man knows how to dress a woman.

Gwyneth Paltrow in my fashion boyfriend, red carpet 2012.