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i die

May 25, 2017


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the broad: a color story

December 28, 2016














pictured: (1) jeff koons; (2) takashi murakami; (3) jean-michel basquiat; (4) roy lichtenstein; (5-6) cy twombley


July 6, 2012

in love with this garden in full bloom around the corner from work. wouldn’t it make a yummy pick-me-up color palette for a living or sitting room?

picture this:

January 18, 2012

white-washed walls, rustic, wide-plank oak floors, and this sassy pair of boots propped against the wall by the front door:

instant art!

seating, in technicolor

September 15, 2011

color at Zara

May 19, 2011

p.s. special thanks to Jenika for reminding me that i have a camera phone. with fun apps. that i should use more often.

color coding

August 23, 2010

i know it’s a little OCD, but i kind of dig the color coding of this library from today’s apartment therapy house tour. any shelf full of books is an art piece, as far as i’m concerned. but there’s something about these intentional yet subtle concentrations of color, set off as they are by so much white, that work really well.

mark vinci

July 27, 2010

need a little color and dynamism in your life? check out the handiwork of painter/mixed media artist Mark Vinci. if you happen to live, work or otherwise circulate in the L.A. area, you can catch a retrospective at Gebert Gallery in Venice through August 4.

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in the kitchen

May 7, 2010

loving the play of turquoise and yellow in the kitchen of this home in Grande Prairie, Alberta:

makes me think of finally having breakfast at Huckleberry in Santa Monica a few weeks ago, and how i could not stop staring at the small handmade turquoise vase filled with bright yellow, pink and orange ranunculus on the table beside us. forget my brioche breakfast sandwich – that arrangement stole the show! all i could think about was a perfect white marble counter-top with grey veining and that little vase of flowers smiling from the corner of my ideal kitchen.

wait, honey, how long until we can rip those granite countertops out…?!

ah, money.

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favorite new blog

May 5, 2010

some of you may already be in the know about this one, but i was just introduced to Color Collective, a color inspiration blog and all around fantastic creative idea. Portland-based graphic designer Lauren Willhite merges a compelling image collection with that old color theory project you just can’t bring yourself to throw out (or maybe that’s just me). whatever the case, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to just paint your bedroom that shade of pink, already. see: it works with your grey duvet cover!

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