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design crush: Postalco

January 30, 2013

the questions is: navy or yellow?


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a picture from a thousand words

March 7, 2011

these phenomenal book sculptures by Brian Dettmer are enough to make a girl believe that magic still exists in the world:

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small miracles

November 16, 2010

while in the kitchen cleaning up tonight, my eyes trailed over a lone coffee cup that my husband had left sitting in the sink. upon closer inspection, i discovered that a small miracle had settled at the bottom of it:

if you ask me, that’s one crafty way to get out of doing the dishes.

brown parcel press

October 30, 2009

another adorable website from yet another talented letterpress company. based out of brooklyn, NY, the brown parcel press folks also maintain an online store and a fantastic blog. check, check, check ’em out.

brown parcel press

my new notebooks

October 17, 2009

picked up two lovely new notebooks at the Urbanic “Oh Joy!” champagne and cupcake party last night. designed by green stationaires Loop, the notebooks are made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper from FSC-certified forests. although i couldn’t find images of the notebooks themselves on the website, the notecards below feature the same two cover designs:


let’s hear a hooray for a guilt-free way to indulge the paper glutton in all of us.

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spotlight on Abbot-Kinney: Urbanic

September 29, 2009

paper and notebook nerds, beware! for my second installment on Abbot-Kinney I bring you Urbanic, a paper boutique.


this inviting storefront specializes in custom invitations and other unique paper products guaranteed to rationalize their way into your budget. the love child of husband and wife proprietors Audrey and Joshua Woollen, Urbanic was born of a mutual appreciation of craft and composition. the shop also pays tribute to the harmony that can exist between the forces of nature and modernity. 

a quote from the website explains: “We’re equally inspired by the complex, organic beauty of nature as well as the modern, sophisticated style of urban living. We came up with the term Urbanic to encompass both.”

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signed, sealed, delivered

September 2, 2009

i fell madly in love recently while perusing the website for parcel. for those of you unfamiliar with this enchanting new jersey-based ephemera shop and its online incarnation, i’d encourage you to indulge your inner collector by visiting the site as soon as possible. though not without at least a proper half hour to spare. i mean, you can try for a quick browse. but if the look and feel of this screenshot conjurs up even a tingle of excitement, you best be prepared to settle in. kudos to designer ben yonda for his hand in helping parcel trigger the “i must have” gene in females from jersey to jerusalem.

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quirk is in the heart

August 31, 2009

i absolutely adore the quirky sensibilities and archival spirit of this san francisco home (not to mention its locale). it beckons with the promise of hours lost to the discovery of treasures – framed, bound and otherwise. i dream of having a home that makes me smile as much as this photo does:

photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

see the rest of this equally charming space on Apartment Therapy.