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persian feast: an album

September 30, 2013









happy (early) birthday to me

July 21, 2012

best birthday cocktail ever:

it’s going to be a good night.

(thank you bayardo and justin @ Wood & Vine !)

happy turkey!

November 23, 2011

as i assume my annual role as mayor of mashed potatoes, i’ll be sending out some special thanks for salt and vinegar Kettle Chips, perfect gin martinis, new car stereos, yoga classes, great books, good surf, self discovery, hour long massages, great debut albums, beautiful sophomore albums, the power of a good laugh, mid-week bottles of wine, buttermilk biscuits from Salt’s Cure, old friends, old friendships made new, dogs named Tuesday, husbands named Tony, and our sweet little house up on the hill.

may your own holiday weekend be laced with gratitude and smothered with indulgence….

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this is how we do

October 24, 2011

husband’s friend: “how was Paris?”

husband: “it was awesome.”

husband’s friend: “did you eat the sh*t out of that place?”

yes. yes we did. here, in no particular order, are some of our more memorable eats (and drinks):

1. Select Cafe

maybe it’s because it was our first night in town. maybe it’s because of the pleasant conversation we had with the man dining alone beside us. maybe it’s because the steak frites was exactly what i needed for my first dinner in Paris. either way, this unassuming and yummy little Montmartre brasserie on the Rue des Martyrs was the perfect way to kick off our gluttonous rampage through the city.

2. Le Miroir

an understated Montmartre bistro with delicious wines and a three course pre-fixe that makes it easy to see why this place is a local favorite. their boutique wine shop across the street is another must, crammed full of organic and small-batch varietals, and a knowledgeable proprietor who delights in delving into the particular pedigree of each bottle.

3. La Part des Anges

sometimes you just know. we passed by this small Montmartre eatery every night of our first week. and every night its ten cozy tables were packed with a crowd of easy going locals casually conversing over well-sated bellies. online reviews confirmed my suspicions: this was the place for our final Montmartre dinner. the heart-y duck and veal stews and wines by the glass (the chateau st. martin bronzinelle was a delicious discovery) hit the spot, as did the accompanying convivial vibe.

4. La Boulangerie

if it weren’t for a gregarious and stylish shopkeeper by the name of Isabelle we would have never known about this wonderful french bistro in the heart of the 20th arrondissement. sure, it’s a trek if you’re staying anywhere remotely central. but the tango of delicate and robust flavors and deliciously long whiskey menu that await will have you wrapped up in a blanket of warm fuzzy so quickly, you’ll forget all about those three metro transfers.

5. La Grande Epicerie de Paris

well, i’ll put it this way: if we had never discovered this upscale and ridiculously stocked urban fare market in the ground floor of Le Bon Marche, our wallets would have been the better for it. but what fun would that have been? plus, there’s no better place to gather the ingredients for a perfect lunch in the park.

6. The Hemingway Bar

sure the cocktails are over priced and the crowd a tad stuffy. but this tiny leather and wood clad lounge tucked in the back of the Ritz makes quite possibly the best Manhattan on the face of the planet. and, in case you missed it, it’s a tiny leather and wood clad lounge tucked in the back of the Ritz.

7. Lao Tseu

who would have guessed that France would be the place to finally get good chinese? the food at this Saint Germain bistro was fresh, flavorable, and refreshingly free of the north american syndrome known as more sauce = more taste. that said, if i’d had the option to supersize our order of szechuan pork, i wouldn’t have said no. their dessert menu also had possibly the best ice cream i’ve ever tasted in my life.

8. Le Marché Biologique (de Blvd Raspail)

we happened upon the all organic version of this farmer’s market on a Sunday, but it also runs as a traditional market throughout the week. to say the offerings here are bountiful would be the understatement of the century. from the fresh roasted rotisserie chickens and mountains of stinky cheese and cured meats to the trays of homemade pasta, basket upon basket of baked goods and fresh produce spilling out of every possible corner, this place is a food and cooking connoisseur’s (pardon the expression) wet dream. it’s also a one way ticket to brokedom if you’re not careful (we managed to spend $35 on a roast chicken). but, oh, what a glorious way to go out.

9. Boulangerie Gosselin

two words: chocolate eclair.


and, finally, places we didn’t get to try, but will next time, so help us god:

1. Quai-Quai – tasty looking french menu, great interior design.

2. La Divina Commedia – delicious Italian fare for those non-duck moods.

3. Le Grand Colbert – as classic as classic French brasseries get.

4. La Maison Angelina – for all of your chocolatey needs.

5. Rose Bakery – a popular bakery and sandwich shop easily identified by the line out the door.

6. Le Pantruche – a cherished (and well priced) locals spot. make a reservation (we, obviously, did not).

the future is bright (and responsibly caffeinated)

September 21, 2011

what’s my favorite thing about the new espresso truck i found tucked in an elbow of west silver lake drive on my way to the dog park the other day?

well, for starters, it’s solar and biodiesel powered. they take debit and credit cards (a key ingredient for any business that wants regular visits from my non-cash-carrying self), have free wi-fi (!), and, yes, that is an Intelligentsia coffee sign you see hanging off the awning. which means more yummy coffee (organic, of course) without the interminable wait in hipster-ville.

all of that modern magic aside, i think the best part about Besspresso is that our earnest young barista and her musician boyfriend drove their green truck of hope all the way out here from Iowa. fueled by sunshine and butterflies, no doubt.

Meat & Bread

May 9, 2011

along with some tasty looking deli-cacies, this place is dishing up a solid serving of homesickness for this ex-Vancouverite:


actually, spring, hang tight…

February 21, 2011

… there’s some comfort food yet to be partaken of:

i said, amen!

three oinks for…

July 20, 2010

…gourmet bacon candy!

you can thank the geniuses behind The Sticky Pig for making your wildest (and most gluttonous) food dreams come true. visit them online for packages that offer up to a year’s supply of candied porky goodness. not sure who needs that, but i’ll sleep better tonight knowing that option is out there.

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friday funny

April 30, 2010

if you’re like me, part of the daily grind includes staring blindly at the mismatched contents of your fridge while trying in vain to ignore the stack of take-out menus in the drawer behind you. lucky for us, Zach Golden and Russell Phillips have come up with, with meal suggestions and online recipe links for vegetarians and non-fucking-vegetarians alike. click below to get started on your friday feast ideas: 

marvelous la molina

April 22, 2010

in case you needed any more reason to love chocolate, designer Riccardo Fattore teamed up with Italian chocolatiers La Molina to transform the classic sweet treat into an indulgence for the eyes as well. strong graphics and vibrant colors are softened by a touch of feminine whimsy. i love that hoop earring!

{images via La Molina via Lostateminor}