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$20 in my pocket

May 21, 2013

okay, so it was more like $50. but when that fiddy scores you a Club Monaco snap button chambray shirt, a pair of mint-condition BCBG heels, a super graphic woven clutch, and a kick-ass pair of red cowboy boots, you’re still slaying yourself some bargains in my book.



NK Shop

February 11, 2013

when it comes to me and the list of all that is covetable from Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe’s eponymous shop, the list is always winning. here’s a few more to swell the opposing ranks: hand thrown and kiln fired stoneware painted through fabrics with porcelain glaze.



{image via Nickey Kehoe}

design crush: Postalco

January 30, 2013

the questions is: navy or yellow?


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pick of the week

December 7, 2012

architect/designer Morie Nishimura’s Hinged Brass Mirrors :



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decorative throwback

August 28, 2012

can’t stop staring at these whimsical woven hemp designs from aussie rug company Armadillo & Co. aptly named “marigold” and “dandelion,” they bring back fond memories of the few macrame relics that managed to survive the various parental purges of the 70’s and make their way into the domestic backdrop of my 80’s childhood. even to a seven-year-old, they carried the earthy tinge of nostalgia, hinting at a world where tube socks, wide lapels and vibrantly-hued cameros lived together in perfect harmony. (sigh)





June 26, 2012

coco bowls from London’s Nôm Living serve up some luscious jewel tones:



June 12, 2012

bold use of color makes these vintage pieces from the Breuckelen Berber Azilal Collection into true jewels of the Nile:

for more info on the ancient art of Berber carpet weaving, go to.

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if i were a rich girl

June 3, 2012

i would have gone home with both of these:

Leifsdottir Python Boras Bag via Anthropologie

Loretta Metzger oil painting via Eric Berg’s Early California Antiques


May 2, 2012

how much do i wish this lime dream of a screen printed fabric by Aino-Maija Metsola was still available through Marimekko? well, a lot.

luckily, its moody doppelganger is still ripe for the buying:

move over spring

April 28, 2012

this girl is ready for summer:

not bad for a single trip to World Market