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still hoping after all these fears

November 9, 2016

everybody in this country was feeling some kind of way this morning. winners. losers. hims. hers. dark, light, rich, poor, red, blue, educated or not. we all had a stake in what happened last night, just as we all have a stake in what lies ahead. i’m not afraid to admit i was saddened by last night’s results. not so much because of who won or lost, but because of the principles that appear to be the prevailing voice of this country. what’s done is done, and yes, moving forward means coming to terms with the outcome presented to us. but i refuse to accept that a great America is one built on a foundation of fear, hate, exclusion and aggression. whatever our politics, whatever our individual needs, we cannot hope for betterment as people, and as a nation, if we can’t stay connected to our own shared humanity. so as we look ahead, let us do so with understanding in mind and compassion at heart. let the path forward be a bridge that unites us, not an endless valley filled with resentment, anger, and disappointment. yes, let’s be great, America, but let us also be full of grace. let us find the dignity in respectfulness, and the courage behind love. that’s a future i’m proud to stand behind; that’s a future that gives me hope for my son, for us all.