blessing #28: jasmine

jasmine and i were circling within the same universe for awhile before our planets starting orbiting each other. but once we came into synch, it was like we’d always been there. we formed a quick bond built on broken hearts, shared vices and a love for jeff tweedy. jazz and i like to get into the meat of things, dig around in the treasure chest of awareness and see what nuggets of understanding we can uncover. this line of query would drive a lot of people mad, but for us, it has always been a strange source of sustenance. i love jazz for her high-brow intellect and her low-brow humor, her deep insight and informed mind, and for the wonderfully poetic paint brush that colors her world. we don’t get to talk nearly as often as we’d like, but i only have to think of her to know there’s another soul out there who understands who i am and where i’m coming from.



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