blessing #27: the house on 14th ave.

once upon a time in another life a boy broke my heart. i didn’t take it so well. i had just moved in to an old house full of new people (two girls, one boy, a dog and a cat, to be exact) who knew little more about me than my name before said relationship vaporized and i transformed into a raw, heaving mass of emotions living day-to-day in the upstairs bedroom. it took me half a year to come out the other end of that rabbit hole. but it would have been a much longer journey if it weren’t for that little house, and those i shared it with. like lindsey, who gifted me with small cups of coffee and long chats in the hallway. and zan, who revived me with her adventures and her own vibrant spirit. and jon, who shared music, and movies and his loveable fur ball, spud. and minnie, who was old, and wise, and taught me first-hand about the healing powers of animals. i eventually moved on from that house on the hill. but i’ve never forgotten what a blessing it was to find myself in that particular place at that particular time in my life.

14th ave


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