blessing #10: my dad

in truth, my dad and i didn’t build a real bridge to each other until i was in my teens. life can be complicated, and our household was no exception when i was a kid. but there was never a question that he loved me, or was proud of me. and we’ve collected our fair share of golden moments over the years. like plopping down at the top of the hill during childhood ski trips to enjoy the perfectly chilled sprites and heinies he’d stashed for us in the snow. or summer days spent exploring at the tide pools, filling bucket upon bucket with seashells, sand crabs (bless their little souls), and other scavenged treasures. or that moment just before he walked me down the aisle, when he turned to me, squeezed my arm, told me to take a deep breath, and then strode us proudly toward the alter. he never has been able to pass on his green thumb. but he taught me to always embrace new experience, and to learn from his mistakes (and my own). and he also taught me that it’s impossible not to have a good time while the gypsy kings are playing.



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