my jesus year

today marks the first day of the month of the birthday that will inaugurate my very own jesus year.* i’m not really the type to get hung up on the age aspect of birthdays, but there was something about this particular annum that was calling to be called out. maybe it’s my desire for some sea change, maybe it’s my need to nip some habitual negative thinking in the bud. whatever the underlying motivation, honoring the month of my 33rd year felt like the right thing to do.

to tie it all back to my man jesus, i’ve decided to make july into a month-long meditation on the blessings in my life. one blessing for each day of the month, plus a couple extra thrown in for good measure. thirty-three blessings for thirty-three years. let the thanks begin!


* for those not familiar with the expression, “jesus year” is a totally official term used to denote one’s thirty-third year in the world, the same year that, according to the bible, jesus made some awesome shit happen before his untimely demise (and subsequent comeback, also awesome)


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2 Responses to “my jesus year”

  1. kt Says:

    love. i never knew this was our jesus year, but i agree, 33 is kind of awesome. i just had a 33 1/3 bday party a few weeks ago — 1/3 of a century!

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