put your heart into it

had a visit from one of my favorite rug designers at work on friday, reminding me, as her visits always do, that love and passion are equal partners to technique and detail where quality craftsmanship is concerned.

it just occurred to me that i never showcased Rosemary Hallgarten’s rugs and throws the first time i posted on her, which was remiss on my part considering the majority of her covetable designs fall into those two categories. so, i thought i’d take a moment to highlight some of my favorites.

these photos are pretty and all, but if you should ever have occasion to actually pet one of these numbers, i highly recommend:

pictured from top: Hand Painted Flatweave Bouclé (Alpaca wool); Flat Rib (wool); Ombre Throw (Peruvian Baby Alpaca wool); Braid (sisal & leather); Primitivo (rustic silk, wool, sisal and rami)


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3 Responses to “put your heart into it”

  1. designapothecary Says:

    work? which work?…oh beautiful carpets by the way and welcome BACK!

    • larooblog Says:

      miss katerina, we are WAY overdue for a catch up! especially since we’re both fresh off the paris boat! i’ll call for a date soon 🙂 hope you’re well!!

  2. designapothecary Says:

    yessss! let’s do it sometime after the Hello-weekend.

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