back to reality

“Though I often looked for one, I finally had to admit that there could be no cure for Paris.” – Paula McLain, The Paris Wife

let me first admit that it is nice to be home. i wouldn’t exactly say i was homesick. but i did miss certain aspects of life on this side of the pond (which, when i really think about it, pretty much boiled down to our puppy and our porch).

but whether or not it felt good to lay my head on my own pillow last night, the truth is there’s no familiar tonic potent enough to wash away the taste of Paris (blame it on the foie gras).

so, even as i feel myself sinking back in to the smells, sights and rhythms of home, my head still swims amongst the cobblestone streets, cafe tables, refined fashion statements, endless cups of coffee, bottomless bottles of wine, and triumphantly caloric meals that filled the past two weeks.

if you care to linger with me, here’s a few visuals to help paint the scene.


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2 Responses to “back to reality”

  1. Jessica / Destined to Design Says:

    Loved flipping through your photos this morning + feeling nostalgic for my favorite city. That feeling will never go away…I think once you’ve been, you’ll always long for Paris in some way. There’s just nothing quite like it. 😉

  2. larooblog Says:

    oui, oui, mon ami, so very true!

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