at last, nous sommes arrivés

two days, one missed flight, and countless flights of climbed stairs later, we are finally settled into our hilltop (and i do mean top of the hill) Montmartre apartment. the first of two rented Parisian abodes, our new digs are quaint, comfortable and conveniently located stumbling distance from the front steps of the Sacre Coeur (where we enjoyed our first bottle of French wine just last night).

the weather is unseasonably and deliciously warm right now, and we plan to make the most of it with as many more outdoor feasts and tête-à-têtes as we can before the promised autumnal rains set in.

not that we’re worried. if ex-Vancouverites know how to do anything, it’s how not to let a few raindrops keep you from enjoying a city to its fullest. Paris, nous voici!

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2 Responses to “at last, nous sommes arrivés”

  1. Jessica / Destined to Design Says:

    Living vicariously through you two right now! I hope you’re embracing all that wonderful city has to see, eat + do. Can’t wait to hear all about it! x

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