the future is bright (and responsibly caffeinated)

what’s my favorite thing about the new espresso truck i found tucked in an elbow of west silver lake drive on my way to the dog park the other day?

well, for starters, it’s solar and biodiesel powered. they take debit and credit cards (a key ingredient for any business that wants regular visits from my non-cash-carrying self), have free wi-fi (!), and, yes, that is an Intelligentsia coffee sign you see hanging off the awning. which means more yummy coffee (organic, of course) without the interminable wait in hipster-ville.

all of that modern magic aside, i think the best part about Besspresso is that our earnest young barista and her musician boyfriend drove their green truck of hope all the way out here from Iowa. fueled by sunshine and butterflies, no doubt.


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One Response to “the future is bright (and responsibly caffeinated)”

  1. Jessica / Destined to Design Says:

    I’ve been running past these guys every weekend, secretly wishing I could fuel up on some espresso mid-jog. I’m gonna have to try it one of these days…

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