paris prep 101: shopping

in a full embrace of the cosmopolitan spirit of our destination city, i have decided to transform myself into a sophisticated packer. for anyone who’s ever watched me scramble the night before a flight, you’ll know that packing light is not in my nature (especially when it comes to shoes). however, i’ve decided to channel my inner fashion editor and focus on a few classic pieces that can be dressed up, down and all around town. of course, this required some shopping, as my current closet is conveniently low on such items.

first stop: H&M (thanks for the gift card, mom!). having discovered this store in France on my first (and only other) trip to Europe, it seems fitting that i would turn to H&M for some Parisian essentials. their new fall line had just the romance i was looking for.

i’m so enamored with my new duds, it’s hard to say which one i’m most excited to stroll around in first. but i suppose if i had to pick, i’d confess to having a special crush on my perfectly flouncy, navy blue pleated skirt (high waisted!) and my wonderfully floppy wool hat. tres chic!


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7 Responses to “paris prep 101: shopping”

  1. theparttimestylist Says:

    I’m going to New York in two weeks… and could definitely use some of your packing tips! I love that navy pleasted skirt, it will be perfect to carry off the maxi trend into the fall. And that floppy wool hat is amazing!

    xx Elia

    • larooblog Says:

      hi Elia! your post makes me smile, because i can’t imagine being the keeper of good packing tips πŸ™‚ that said, the skirt we both love is the perfect all around wardrobe piece. i imagine it with flats and a cute tucked in t-shirt during the day, and then with a sleeveless blouse and peep-toe heels or platforms for dinner. can’t wait!

  2. CJ Nichols Says:

    Funny how on your post about fashion shopping the ad which appeared immediately below your entry was for the “Sears 1 day Sale” πŸ™‚

  3. myra Says:

    high-waisted, navy blue, pleated skirt!!?!!? i need one like NOW. πŸ˜€

  4. kt Says:

    babe, when are you going to paris? i am possibly going to be there sept 10-16. ??

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