i quit my job

i am six minutes out from the start of my last monday at this desk, and am allowing myself to consider (dare i say, relish?) the fact that in one week’s time i won’t have to be anywhere, doing anything, at this particular moment. it would be misleading to say that not having a next step lined up doesn’t cause me moments of guilt-ridden anxiety (let’s be honest: there is definitely a degree of self-indulgence to this move). but when the meter on my emotional barometer swings in the opposite direction, and i am able to celebrate the fact that in making this decision i am honoring myself and my right to be happy, i know without question that i am doing the right thing.ย  this horoscope, which i stole off the counter at my local coffee house, seems to think i’m on the right track:

{horoscope via LA Times}



10 Responses to “i quit my job”

  1. ~Lori Hobin~ Says:

    Good luck Lex! โค I wish for the day that I can quit my day job and just take photos for a living….one day.

  2. larooblog Says:

    thanks Lori! i won’t be a kept woman forever, but i might enjoy it for a week or two.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. sudhara Says:

    Good for you. You are very brave, but also very strong. Great things will come to you. You are awesome.

  4. Jessica / Destined to Design Says:

    you’re my hero. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. kt Says:

    I bet one day you will look back on this as the best decision you ever made. Congratulations babe!

  6. evens Says:

    Congratulations! =P

    Sounds like you are doing OK, Lex. Best of luck… keep us posted on what you are up to – we miss you.


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