a lot of folks seem to be “over” the whole grey and yellow combination, but i have to say, i still have love for it. the contrast feels tailored and well balanced, especially on a bold scale. take the design of NYC’s East Village restaurant Vandaag. the deep charcoal and pungent yellow scheme evokes a playful, clean and warm spirit with just the right touch of masculinity. the space feels classic and current all at once.

trendy, timely, or whatever your verdict, i wouldn’t say no to passing my day on one of those barstools.

{images via remodelista}


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6 Responses to “Vandaag”

  1. kt Says:

    two blocks from my house, babe. and yes, it’s really that awesome. (my dad and i had brunch there a few weeks ago…)

    get your butt over here!

  2. destined to design Says:

    Just bookmarked this from Elle — pure lust!

  3. elissa @ faucethead Says:

    i’m still on a yello and grey kick. i think it’s so clean and versatile.

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