stuff i liked

to wrap up my last day at the old gig, i thought i’d offer up a random collection of stuff i liked enough to drag onto my desktop sometime over the past year, and then forget where I dragged it from.

1. wall antlers: this one’s been around for awhile. certainly would make an awesome coat rack in my living room. too bad about the whole not knowing where to buy it thing.

2. Tony Duquette wall sconce: i loved this fixture for its spunk. all i can see is vegas showgirl headdress when i look at this thing. just throw in a feather bustle and some heels and you’ve got yourself a show. (just remembered! collection available via Remains Lighting.)

3. simple solutions: one link lead to another lead to another one morning, and i found myself fawning over yet another uber-arty, uber-resourceful new york loft apartment. in between my bouts of love and hate for the inhabitants, i found these two awesome ideas for makeshift office storage and headboard. the draped ivy is a lovely touch (although i suppose if i’m being entirely honest with myself, it kind of made me want to puke a little with envy).

think it’s going to be a bit of a hit-the-ground-running situation at the new post, so it might be a few days before i pop my head up again. catch you on the other side!


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2 Responses to “stuff i liked”

  1. designapothecary Says:

    Wait a second…are you leaving your job?

  2. larooblog Says:

    ah ha! there you are! i guess i just needed some sensational news to lure you out of the woodwork:) i am, in fact, leaving my job for a newer, younger, blonder version of my job. i’ll email you to tell you more about it! good to hear from you!

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