puppy love

and now, a moment of new pet ownership pride: world, meet Tuesday! or maybe Bristol? can’t decide…


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8 Responses to “puppy love”

  1. monsieur la roo Says:


  2. ~Lori Hobin~ Says:

    PUPPPPPYYYY!!!!!!!! ❤

    I vote Tuesday too!

  3. ~Lori Hobin~ Says:

    in all my excitement i forgot to ask how old she is and what kind of pup she is?!

    I’m still too excited!! ❤ ❤ lol

    • larooblog Says:

      you are too cute! i meant to email you directly – i knew you’d love her, too! she’s a pit bull/shephard mix – got her from a shelter that rescues from high-kill shelters. was definitely NOT expecting to have a puppy this week, but such is life, no?

      • ~Lori Hobin~ Says:

        thats awesome! We never expected to get Leia either…we only went into the pet store to buy rabbit food lol

        Tuesday is super adorable! You guys will have your hands full for a little bit!
        Wish you lived a million times closer (actually, if i’m wishing i wish *i* lived closer to you! lol) so that our puppies could be friends 🙂

  4. myra Says:

    yay! tuesday! toosday! toosdae! however you spell it, that’s the one i like 😉 can’t wait to meet this little one!

  5. kt Says:

    i have always wanted to name something Tuesday! awesome!
    and she’s soooo cute!!
    and… if i’m not mistaken, today is a Very Special Day in the laroo household? have a great one, love!!

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