great minds design alike

in anticipation of this weekend’s Dwell on Design conference at the L.A. convention center, Heath Ceramics has partnered with the Dwell team to launch yet another crush-worthy line of ceramic tiles. available as of August 1, the new palette and patterns are guaranteed to add some well-crafted spunk to your abode:

from the website: “The line celebrates the common belief that modern design is simultaneously functional and expressive, bold and organic.”

click here to view the rest of the collection.

{image via Heath June 2010 newsletter}


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4 Responses to “great minds design alike”

  1. myra Says:

    can i love Heath any more? I could like, live in their store here at the Ferry Bldg. I just sit on one of their custom-made stools (I asked where one could get a hold of them) and pretend it’s my kitchen. Seriously loooove their stuff.

    • larooblog Says:

      excellent! then i can drag you on the tour of the sausalito factory with me when i come visit next. then, it’s off to the discount warehouse!;)

  2. myra Says:

    omg i’m so there! i’ve actually already researched the tour part…ha!!

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