in the rearview mirror

13 days, 14 states, and just over 5,000 miles later, i am steeped in the bittersweet reality of returning home from another adventure. it’s actually been three days since we returned from our cross-country tour. though, having left a small part of myself chasing fire flys back in the fields of Indiana, it’s fair to say i am still not entirely present in the present.

the sights on the road were many, the hours of sleep (unfortunately) too few. yet, short of having more time to spare, i cannot think of anything more i could have asked of this trip. as i cycle through the mental film reel of images, conversation clips, smells and sounds, a few details stand out from the rest:

* exploring ghost towns and abandoned homes in Arizona & Texas (1)

* dining on carne asada beef skewers and BenMarco malbec at Cafe Pasqual’s

* funk upstairs, old-time jazz in the basement at Evangelos in Santa Fe

* the sky over middle America (2)

* the intoxicating smell and roadside wildflowers of Oklahoma (3)

* sweet tea by the canal in Bricktown, Oklahoma City

* heat

* Memphis hospitality and barbeque

* absorbing rock’n’roll history at Sun Records (4)

* “Purple Rain” covers on Beale Street (5)

* the Tennessee landscape (6)

* Nashville’s enthusiasm for musicianship and dancing (7)

* getting lost in accessories heaven at Pangaea in Nashville’s Hillsboro Village

* every minute of the drive through Kentucky along Highway 431 (8)

* accents

* parking lot classic car rallies in Owensboro, KY (9)

* bare feet and a party dress in the Indiana countryside (10)

* humidity

* the monotonous beauty of Kansas (11)

* the quiet solidity of the Rockies (12)

* the absolute majesty of central Utah (13)

* the surprise of Virgin River Canyon, AZ

* the countless Ford Falcon-themed conversations we had with strangers along the way

once i’d finally uploaded all my photos, i realized that about 80% of the shots were taken through the window of a moving vehicle. you can check out the resulting road album here.


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3 Responses to “in the rearview mirror”

  1. ~Lori Hobin~ Says:

    wow! could i BE any more jealous?!

  2. jenika Says:

    THIS, is beautiful. your words, your images, your sentiments, all of it. it makes me yearn for the wisconsin summer i grew up in and i am this close to saying, “fuck it”; buying a one way ticket to superior and staying until i get my fill of family, cheese and wildflowers.

    • larooblog Says:

      i’ll condone that plan, but only if there’s a permanent guest room with my name on it.
      p.s. thankfully, you’ll never get your fill of family, cheese and wildflowers;)

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