i can’t tell whether this is awesome or just trying too hard, but i was compelled enough to drag the image onto my desktop, so something about these recycled cassette tape ties is working. they’re definitely the right size and shape, and can apparently still play back those old Prince and Madonna tunes. all you have to do is run the tape head over them that you keep handy in your pocket. because that would be way less nerdy and time-consuming than just using a tape deck.

with all my sarcasm, i’d probably still buy one, if purely for the novelty of declaring that my necktie was made of 50% thread, 50% Labyrinth soundtrack.

{via here via here}


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2 Responses to “playback”

  1. Nigel Featherstone Says:

    I love this. It makes me want to wear a tie!


  2. larooblog Says:

    i have to admit, the more i think about these, the more i like them. would love to have been around for the epiphany moment on this idea!

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