friday funny

if you’re like me, part of the daily grind includes staring blindly at the mismatched contents of your fridge while trying in vain to ignore the stack of take-out menus in the drawer behind you. lucky for us, Zach Golden and Russell Phillips have come up with, with meal suggestions and online recipe links for vegetarians and non-fucking-vegetarians alike. click below to get started on your friday feast ideas: 


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2 Responses to “friday funny”

  1. destined to design Says:

    This got a real laugh-out-loud from me. Perhaps a blogging first. Genius.

    • larooblog Says:

      i almost emailed this to you directly on friday, but then figured it might not resonate seeing as how you’re such a clever culinarian (new word for you!) 🙂 anyway, i agree: genius!

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