and we’re moving on up

look out Eastside – here we come!

so far the best thing about our new ‘hood (besides that front porch) is the ice cream cart that will sell me perfectly creamy mango bars for $1 all summer. it’s good to be the king.


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12 Responses to “and we’re moving on up”

  1. myra Says:

    man i can’t wait to visit this summer. yeeeeeeeee

  2. kt Says:

    what! you are a homeowner?! you are such a grownup… congrats babe!!

    • larooblog Says:

      thanks, darlin! i’m a little worried the grown-up police are going to figure out we’re imposters soon, but it should be a fun ride in the meantime. except for that whole mortgage thing… come visit!

  3. Nigel Featherstone Says:

    Yeah, nice house and neighbourhood. But PERFECTLY CREAMY MANGO BARS!!!! What heaven.

  4. ~Lori Hobin~ Says:

    My mom jsut told me the other day that you guys got the house! yay! congrats! 🙂 Now I have somewhere to stay when we come visit, right 😉 hahahaha

    • larooblog Says:

      i like your thinking! although, you might want to make it a LATE summer visit, if you want a hospitable environment… 🙂 hope your new home is still treating you well!

      • ~Lori Hobin~ Says:

        We may have to postpone until NEXT summer, as this summer is our one year anniversary, and any extra dough is being saved for that occasion lol

        BUT! We do plan on visiting! So now you have extra time to make it extra awesome! lol ❤

      • larooblog Says:

        trust me, after what we got done (or rather didn’t get done) during the last week of painting, we need all the time we can get! here’s to awesome in 2011!

      • ~Lori Hobin~ Says:


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