mad mattel

somehow this post on the newest barbie and ken dolls from Mattel made the dawning of  yet another work week feel more compelling.  i’m not sure what’s more awesome: that beehive, or the ridiculously accurate background set (replete with recessed can lighting and acoustical ceiling tiles) that some lucky nerd got to put together.

{image via here}


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4 Responses to “mad mattel”

  1. Nigel Featherstone Says:

    Clearly the two dudes are together. They just don’t want to let anyone know. But one day they’ll move in together and live a very happy life.

  2. artistamarie Says:

    lol! these are hilarious. as are your comments.

    • larooblog Says:

      awesome, right? my eight-year-old self would have died and gone to heaven over these dolls. although my barbie and the rockers Ken doll did have a pretty sweet mane, himself…

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