check out these pint-sized classics masquerading as cancer sticks:

just another fun gift idea from TENOVERSIX.

{image via lostateminor}


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3 Responses to “crafty”

  1. Nigel Featherstone Says:

    Thanks for that – I think. That’s possibly the strangest thing I’ve seen in ages. I’ll be pondering this for sometime. Literature = slow suicide? I don’t think so, somehow.

    • larooblog Says:

      DEFINITELY not. i was conflicted about the cool quotient of this one, for sure. not an advocate for cigarettes, but always a sucker for creative novelty…

  2. Nigel Featherstone Says:

    Agreed, that the creative novelty in this is amazing, but it’s one dark and conflicted image. Though it’s certainly had resonance for me – I can’t get it out of my head!

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