now that’s just funny

found pinned to the bulletin board above the mailboxes in my friend’s apartment building:

since a computer nerd friend of mine warned me, i feel i should pass this on: however tempting it may be to respond to the gmail address listed, keep in mind this might be some sort of viral email campaign. it would be a true shame to find out this calibre of humor was being used with such ill intent. but i suppose it’s a possibility.

still, how awesome would it be to send photos of a comb blindfolded and tied up, with some sort of weapon in view, from


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4 Responses to “now that’s just funny”

  1. Lori Hobin Says:

    LOL!!! that is too funny! Just send the photos from a public computer! That way I won’t be YOUR computer that gets a virus (if that’s what it is!) lol and if it’s NOT a virus thing, than you can continue the back and forth!

  2. artistamarie Says:

    that’s amazing. i love how it’s drawn with missing teeth. this might have made my day.

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