nothing like a serious case of house envy to start the year off right. i won’t lie: the hair art weirds me out a little. but if the housing gods were to offer me this apartment as is only, i wouldn’t say no.

{images via good ol’ apartment therapy}


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2 Responses to “ooh-la-love-it”

  1. SLS Says:

    I love the contrast of the dark wood and white walls/floor and how the lines of the ceiling trusses, upper level railing, fireplace, and lower level ceiling work with one another to add dimensions to the space.

  2. larooblog Says:

    it’s funny – i used to have a phobia of all white spaces when i was younger. never felt at home in them. but now i just can’t get enough of how they set off design like this one – the perfect background to pieces with such personality. thanks for stopping in!

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