charcoal grey

i am obsessed with the idea of a charcoal grey room with white trim right now, and am trying not to think about how perfect it would be in the back room of the house that we are (currently) only the back-up offer on. to distract me from my own disappointment, i thought i would focus on the color and not the walls i want to put it on. here’s some deliciously rich bursts of inspiration:

{images: 01 and 02 via here via Domino; 03 via here; 04 via here; 05 via here; 06 via here; 07 via here; 08 via here: 09 via here}



2 Responses to “charcoal grey”

  1. kt Says:

    yum, i love. i would never have thought to put such a dark colour on the walls, but i’ve seen some lovely dark wallpaper of late too… hmm… time to redecorate?

    good luck with the house offer – you never know 🙂

    • larooblog Says:

      thanks hon! i’m sure there’ll be no shortage of posts about it once we finally get our hands on a house…:) hope you’re well!

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