Alex Maclean

one day i will own one of aeriel photographer Alex Maclean’s photographs (says the girl with $500 to her name). in the meantime, i can’t get enough of staring as his mesmerizing compositions online. their exquisite balance of detail and abstraction makes my heart sing. i suppose i could settle for one of his books, but what fun would that be? clearly these photographs are all about scale.

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7 Responses to “Alex Maclean”

  1. kseverny Says:

    these are really impressive

  2. larooblog Says:

    amazing, aren’t they? you should really check out his site – there’s plenty more photographs to blow your mind.

  3. lori dark Says:

    oh wow! i absolutely adore these photos!

  4. larooblog Says:

    Me too! I discovered his work at a small gallery down the street from our apartment, and i literally spent an hour just staring at each of them in turn. the beach scene and the docked boats were my faves…

  5. lori dark Says:

    The docked boats are defintely my favourite too!

  6. destined to design Says:

    holy COW these are awesome! i’m bookmarking – gratzi.

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