sick day

ended up down for the count all weekend due to some mysterious almost-but-not quite flu symptoms, which was a shame considering all the festivities that were lined up. to while away the time between sleeping and sleeping, i managed to finish two of the books in the ever growing/shifting pile beside my bed. yesterday’s foray was Loving Frank, a historical novel about the nearly decade-long love affair between Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Cheney, wife of one of Wright’s wealthy Oak Park clients (tsk-tsk).


the affair proved quite the local sensation over the years, particularly when the two fled to europe together for a year, leaving behind two broken marriages and nine kids between them. of course, anyone who has ever dreamed of a relationship that goes beyond the assigned roles of “husband” and “wife,” one that provides sustenance for both body and soul, will sympathize with these ultimately doomed lovers (as author Nancy Horgan does). for those not already in the know (like me), the events leading to the end of their affair will provide quite the surprise, if sad, ending. 

inspired by the subject matter at hand, i decided to find some images of my favorite Wright building to date. i have yet to visit the Guggenheim, but Scott Norsworthy’s photos depict how i imagine i will see it myself one day:


{bookcover image via}



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