look at these guys

check out this recycleable alternative to styrofoam that came in a box of stone samples i ordered for work:



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4 Responses to “look at these guys”

  1. kt Says:

    very cool. i product-tested reusable inflatable plastic bags last year… these seem better. but, do they have to be carefully fit together? or can you just toss them together and they’ll hold up?

    • larooblog Says:

      hi katie! so good to hear from you, love! how goes the la vie grande in NYC? would love to know how you’re doing…

      p.s. they definitely hold up – very rigid. at first i thought they would collapse easily by squeezing them, but you have to release the little tabs along one of the “corners” to actually undo them. and even then, they don’t really fall apart . kudos to the brain behind that one!

  2. kt Says:

    things are well here – come visit ny so we can properly catch up! 🙂

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