Nick Hornby

went to a reading by author Nick Hornby last night at the skirball center. he shared passages from his latest novel, Juliet, Naked (Riverhead Books), and followed with one of the more entertaining q&a sessions i’ve ever sat through. i’m a fan of High Fidelity, in both its written and cinematic forms, and listening to Hornby’s playfully wry wit in person only sharpened my appreciation for his particularly charming brand of humor. i found myself daydreaming about his social life; he’d be an excellent dinner party guest.


perhaps my favorite question of the night hailed from another High Fidelity fan: “what are your top five favorite bands?” to which Hornby replied: “do you mean live performances, or recorded albums?” the choice was left up to him, which Hornby claimed made answering even harder. in the end he went with the “lifetime plays” gauge, and although he never really made it through all five picks, we did get a top three out of him (in the author’s order):

1. Springsteen

2. Dylan

3. Marvin Gaye

Barry would approve, i think.


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3 Responses to “Nick Hornby”

  1. Jess Says:

    i had so, SO much fun! and i concur – hornby just got bumped up to #1 on my dinner party list.

  2. myra Says:

    ugh! totally sold out here. wah. i totally missed that train.

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