spotlight on Abbot-Kinney: Equator Books

my first true love was probably a book. i’ll admit, it’s a bit of a toss up between books and music, but if i think back to my first real sense of being captivated by something, it would have to be with the lovely old book smell of my grade school library. which is why i spent my first 15 mins in Equator Books shoving my nose into every other spine on display up the center aisle. 


‘course, i like books for more than just their smell; i love their tangibility, their romance, and their uncanny ability to rob me of hours upon hours of my life and still leave me itching for my next fix. so it was a pleasure to finally spend some time exploring Equator Books’ fine collection of out-of-print and collectible titles.


with a focus on art, photography, literature, design, architecture and poetry books, Equator also claims some very interesting sub-areas of specialty, not least among them being “Prostitution & Call Girls” and “Circus Freaks & Bullfighting”.  to which i say: to each his own. i managed to score one of Linda McCartney’s photography books off a $10 sale table myself, and could have gotten into some serious trouble had i spent any more than the two minutes I did amidst their rare vinyl collection. another sunday, perhaps…

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