michael meets medieval

inspiration hit today while holding some chainmail we’re using for a project at work. i loved the combination of gold and silver links that my coworkers put together, and the cool, slightly heavy drape of it over my hand was seriously seductive.

photo courtesy of la roo's flickr

photo courtesy of la roo's flickr

and that’s when i saw them: fingerless chainmail gloves! with a loose sleeveless blouse cinched by a high-waisted miniskirt, a multistrand necklace, and some ankle boots?!? add a bit of a fauxhawky pompadour and friday night never looked so good. clearly, i thought, there must be somebody out there that makes these things. so i did a little online shopping. lots of options out there, but most a little too king arthurey for my taste. this number by toby jones jewellery, however, has just the sort of weight and transparent feel i was looking for:

photo courtesey of lostateminor.com

photo courtesey of lostateminor.com

looks like toby’s site is still in the works, but in the meantime you can find the gloves (and other temptations like this ) at this fantastic culture/arts/fashion/et al site. wishing you all a little shine and sass over the long weekend!


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