i learned a new word today (thank you merriam-webster’s word of the day):

bibelot \BEE-buh-loh\   (noun):  a small household ornament or decorative object : trinket

i whole-heartedly credit my mother for my inherent love of a good bibelot (and my subsequent distaste for dusting). we had bibelots-a-plenty in the small grey and white craftsman i grew up in, but the true “queen of the bibelots” back then was the mother of a friend who lived around the way. there was not a surface, not a ledge, not a shelf unbibeloted in that big, beautiful, graceful home on grand avenue.  yet the real art was not the bibelots themselves, but the way they were displayed. despite all the crowds and conflagrations of all makes and models, the collection was never overwhelming, never tacky. she had a true collector’s touch in knowing how to transform even the motliest few into a coherent whole.  thoughtful, yet off-hand; deliberate, yet delightfully random; the bibelots always presented themselves in a sort of harmoniously thrown-together way. to a ten-year-old girl (and a 29-year-old woman), there was a magic in that. i used to imagine what it was like when she brought a new treasure home, a subtle magnetic pull guiding the bibelot to its rightful spot right…. there. then, stepping back, arms crossed and a slight squint to her eye, she’d watch as the new balance asserted itself and all was right in the bibelot universe once more.

in the spirit of celebrating the quiet magic of the bibelot, I thought I’d share some favorites from my own collection:

venetian marble





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